Using your Voucher-Code

What is a voucher-code ?

Voucher-Codes are like tickets to a show. In this case, they are tickets that get redeemed for enrolment in a course. They are redeemed or entered either during registration (where it asks for a Voucher Code) or they can also be redeemed in My Dashboard. Click “Redeem a Voucher“.

Why would we use Voucher-Codes ?

Vouchers are most often used by employers who wish to pay in advance for courses for their staff. We are then able to issue an invoice to the employer so that they can also submit the expense to their accounting departments. As well, it is much easier and convenient for the staff person, as they do not need to pay “out of pocket” and then get reimbursed.

When do Voucher-Codes expire ?

Voucher-codes do not expire until they are redeemed. Once redeemed, you will have 4 weeks to complete the course.

More information

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