Government Legislation

Do I need a Food Handlers Certificate ?

We often get asked questions such as “We are having a Church Picnic, do we need a Food Handlers Certificate ? We are pleased that you ask such questions, however, you really need to ask the Department of Heath’s opinion on this. Contact the Manitoba Health Protection Unit at or 204-945-4204.

Can I have a food business in my home?

Preparing and serving food from a home-based business for public consumption is prohibited. Province of Manitoba Statement

New Business

Anyone starting a new food business, large or small e.g. hot-dog cart, small specialty restaurant, or just providing or delivering food, must have a valid Food Handler Certificate. See By-Law Necessary equipment may be purchased in Winnipeg. Check the City of Winnipeg By-Law for minimum requirements. There are restaurant supply retailers to purchase your thermometers, test strips (for checking sanitizer levels), and pots, cooking utensils, etc. Check your yellow pages for food equipment supplies. Starting a new food business? Supplies for a new business

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