What languages are available for the course and the exam ?

FoodSafe is taught in English and French, but there are other-language Student Workbooks available for purchase or use. FoodSafe has exams in other languages. They are organized with each question in English question/answers first, then the other language second. This makes it easier for the student to use their language then compare it with the English version. If there is not an exam in your language, FoodSafe Manitoba also assists by doing oral exams. Other language exams include: Korean English French Punjabi FoodSafe also needs qualified Translators for the following: Ukrainian Polish Arabic Portuguese Hungarian Italian Vietnamese Japanese Portuguese If you have any of the above languages, and good knowledge of English, and, you are able to translate any language, please call FoodSafe Manitoba. People from all around the world settling here need help to find employment in the food industry. They need your help!

Also, note that our website provides for several language translations using Google Translate. See the page footer under Language.

Our online exam service partner SpeedExam only supports the following languages at this time:
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Thai.
The Language can be set on the login screen just below the white box on the left.


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