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FoodSafe Manitoba

FoodSafe Manitoba

FoodSafe Manitoba was established in 1998, in cooperation with the City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Service. Subsequently, FoodSafe Manitoba has presented over 1,000 courses.

Owner: Lesly Andrews, Public Health Inspector CIPHI(c), BSc

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Welcome to FoodSafe Manitoba. My name is Lesly Andrews, I am the Public Health Inspector for FoodSafe Manitoba. I am a graduate of the University of Winnipeg and Ryerson. My degree is in Environmental Science and a diploma in Environmental Health. Most of my career was spent employed by the City of Winnipeg Health Department where I conducted inspections of restaurants, retail food outlets, processes plants, and other food facilities. As well, I have extensive experience in the food industry having worked in most aspects of food handling from the manufacturing, processing, packaging, transportation to the wholesale and retail sale of food. I also have a background in human health and have worked in the operating rooms of both the Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital. Currently, I work in conjunction with the Province of Manitoba teaching the Certified Food Handler Training Courses. I am looking forward to continuing to educate food handlers using this new online platform in addition to my current In-Person classes Lesly Andrews CIPHI(C) BSc

Why study FoodSafe?

In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Food Service By-law:

  • No person shall operate a food service establishment unless the person in charge has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.
  • Foodservice establishments with less than five (5) food handlers must have at least one person on shift who has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.
  • Food Service Establishments with more than 5 Food Handlers working at any one time must have a person who has successfully completed the Certified Food Handler Training Program ON DUTY at all times.

Who should attend?

  • All owners, managers, and supervisors of foodservice establishments.
  • All food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.
  • The 8-hour courses are supported by a Public Health Inspector. 
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